Welcome to Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript

This course is designed to teach you the basics of how HTML, CSS and Javascript work.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are the three most common and essential languages when creating interactive websites. This course aims to provide you with the basics of creating websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

About this course

This course is split into 4 lessons. The content of each lesson aims to teach you the basics, enabling you to understand the theory behind each activity.

For each new element you see you will also need to reproduce some code yourself, to make sure you get a good hang on the code.

During each section you will be asked to write and reproduce code. I strongly suggest that you follow the instructions given, in order to get practice in writing your own code.

You will see blocks like this:

You should do this quick task before moving on in the lesson.

Occasionally you will see blue boxes as below:

Best practices are the 'conventional' way of doing things. You should follow them wherever possible in order to write good, performant and legible code.

Sometimes you will see orange boxes as below:

Fun facts are useful bits of information to help you understand a bit more around the subject you're reading about.

Exercises and Assessment

At the end of each section you may find some exercises. There are 2 types of exercise in this course :

  • Ungraded Exercises
  • Graded Exercises
  • Assessments

Ungraded Exercises

These are exercises that you can complete to help you practice some of the skills learnt in the class. They do not need to be submitted, and no grade will be given for these exercises

Graded Exercises

There are 2 graded exercises over the course of this program. You should submit these exercises in the appropriate place on Moodle and you will receive a grade for these with a comment.

These exercises do not count towards your final mark in the class


There is one assessment over the course of this program. The assessment must be submitted on moodle in the appropriate area and by the given deadline. A grade will be given, along with a comment, and this grade will count as your mark for this part of the teaching unit.

The assessment will arrive along with the last class at the end of the semester.

Some tips

  • You should set aside a few hours for each lesson to try and complete the exercises given at the end.
  • When learning HTML and CSS your biggest help is the online documentation and tutorials. Here are some resources that will help:

Getting Started

Ready to jump in? Have a go at Lesson 1 to get the basics under your belt!